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Arini Byng, Virginia Beach, 1984, Archival ink jet print, Framed, 46.5 x 57cm, 2022. Image courtesy of the artist.

Some voices carry

7 May 2022
CAVES 29 Apr - 21 May 2022

I first encounter Arini Byng’s exhibition Some voices carry on the PHOTO22 website when scrolling through the long list of participating artists. I look over the many names, pausing here and there to view images by the featured artists, previewing their take on the festival’s theme “Being Human”. My cursor hovers over Byng’s name, an image appears and my eyes linger a while. I’m overcome with an opaque feeling and my internal mutterings simmer. The image is a black and white photograph of a young girl walking from the sea balancing a frisbee filled with water, heading towards another girl and a man, who are bent over and kneeling on the sand. They are occupied by some activity, which we can’t quite see as it’s cropped out of the frame. To the right of them stands a white man holding a towel. While I am guilty of favouring photographs like these, of candid snapshots, I find this photograph particularly stirring. And so, I jot down that the show begins on the 29th of April. The day comes and up to level 8 of the Nicholas Building I go.

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