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Haroon Mirza, installation view of *The Construction of an Act*, 2019, Australian Centre of Contemporary Art, Melbourne. Photo: Andrew Curtis

Haroon Mirza: The Construction of an Act

5 Oct 2019
14 Sep - 17 Nov 2019

Hey, Siri. I want to make some contemporary art. Maybe something with sound.

Hi, Philip. Do you mean Sound Art?

I guess so, if that’s what they call it.

Well, you should first check out the exhibition of Haroon Mirza at ACCA.

What?! Someone’s done sound art already in a contemporary art space?!

Yes, Philip. You need to be more informed of what’s happening in the world of art. Thankfully, you have me to guide you.

And thankfully we have contemporary art institutions (pick any one; it doesn’t matter) to be like Art World Siris, Sybils and Sapphos, presenting zeitgeist strategies as evidence of things happening now courtesy of the amazing insight of contemporary artists.

I’m trying to not make light of the operations that have created the situation of ACCA playing host to Haroon Mirza’s selection of internationally staged installations, imported to Melbourne’s great arts and culture precinct from the outposts of institutionalised contemporaneity around the globe to be restaged and re-contextualized as a series of propositions for responsiveness—but it’s hard, because the installed work is frighteningly lightweight.

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