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Patrick John O'Flaghartie Fingal Harford, _Yarra Bank Meeting_ (originally titled _Strife_), 1923, oil on canvas, 53.2 x 68.9 cm, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Gift of Mr. A. T. Brodney, 1977.

The Changing Face of Victoria

12 Jun 2021
13 May - 31 Mar 2022

The Changing Face of Victoria exhibition is tucked away up on the third level of the “dome” in the State Library of Victoria (SLV). It is one of those seemingly never-ending exhibitions common to tourist spaces, showcasing the vast Library collection while also meeting the Library’s official mission to promote Victorian history. The current iteration of the exhibition has the overarching theme of “the spirit of activism and invention” and is divided into four discrete sections: water, workers’ rights, camping and coffee. Visitors are welcomed at the entrance by a bold tag line or mission statement proclaiming “Learn from the Past. Change the Future.” The installation for the show breaks with the normally staid museological approach of past SLV exhibitions—the old-timey sepia toned photographic wallpaper has been swapped for white cube style walls and dimly-lit display cabinets of books, magazines and objects are accompanied by a gallery-style hang of posters, artworks and photographs.

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