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Terre Thaemlitz, Love Bomb/Ai No Bakudan

18 Apr 2020
The SUBSTATION 12 Mar - 12 Mar 2020

Love is … a redundant construction of pacifying hysteria, a mandatory insult to appease our senses. Its persuasive image of universality is its greatest act of culturally invasive violence. A perverse mirror of the cut.

DJ Sprinkles is something of an anomaly in house music. She is an American born trans music producer living in Japan for the last 20-odd years, has produced one of the most celebrated deep house records (Midtown 120 Blues, 2008) and continues to release house music while staying exceptionally close to what she knows best. Deep house music, which for her is specifically located between New Jersey, the East Village and 10th Street, New York between the years 1986-1992.

Terre Thaemlitz, Video Still, Love Bomb.

As Terre Thaemlitz (although the two appear to be interchangeable as are pronouns him and her, and he and she), she writes about music, technology and non-identity politics collected in Nuisance – Writing on Identity Jamming & Digital Audio Production (Nuisance). She is well versed in and critical of the theoretical possibilities of post-structuralism and identifies more as a cultural worker than a visual artist, even when producing Soulessness for Documenta 14 in 2017. Her distain for art schools should also not go unnoticed.

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