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Sidney McMahon, Maggot, 2022, UTS Gallery. Photo: Jacquie Manning

Sidney McMahon: Maggot

11 Jun 2022
UTS Gallery 17 May - 10 Jun 2022

Maggot is a trap. The exhibition—a new installation by Sydney-based artist Sidney McMahon—lures you in with a sultry blue light. The hue evokes the familiar blue of the Windows error message, and its even diffusion across the UTS Gallery’s space transfigures its rectangle box into a virtual holding zone, a scene of suspended operations awaiting the user’s intervention.

The exhibition further draws you in with a triptych of glowing screens, which hang from the ceiling in the centre of the gallery. As you position yourself in front of the screens, a crisp white text politely explains the rules for this interactive work, narrated by a deep modulated voice that emanates from the wall behind you. The narrator invites you to strap on a headset that will sync with your brain. The headset contains a sensor, the narrator explains, that should be fixed to the back of your scalp, close to your skin: “Can you feel it?”

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