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Installation view of *Never the Same River*, 2019, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne. Photo: Zan Wimberley

Never the same river

12 Oct 2019
Anna Schwartz Gallery 5 Oct - 21 Dec 2019

Part 1: 5 October – 1 November 2019
Part 2: 8 November – 21 December 2019

Never the same river at Anna Schwartz Gallery feels like a birthday party. It is a retrospective of sorts, not of the artists or the gallery even, but of the career of the dealer Anna Schwartz herself. It is a two-part exhibition, the first launching this week and the second launching in early November. 37 years of gallery-stewardship is an odd milestone for such celebratory self-reflection, but the occasion may have been inspired by Doug Hall's long-anticipated history of Schwartz's past galleries, slated to be launched in November this year.

Schwartz began her career working amongst a team of artists in 1982 at United Artists in St Kilda. She has since overseen three subsequent galleries. What began as bohemian co-operation has developed into a central city blue-chip stable. Never the same river is billed as a group show drawing from “the exhibition histories of four galleries”, yet this is not an exhibition about exhibitions, but rather a display held in tension by the central figure of the art dealer.

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