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Title image: Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, *Brothers*, 2018.)

Biennale of Australian Art

27 Oct 2018
Art Gallery of Ballarat 21 Sep - 6 Nov 2018

Lately I have been thinking about the growth and sizes of urban environments, the infrastructure required to sustain them as well as the potential limits on their growth. Can a city keep growing indefinitely and remain ‘liveable,’ whatever that means? Or is there some kind of limit—environmental, infrastructural, political—to the amount of people a city can sustain? What is the size of a city best suited to fulfilling the needs of its residents—water, food, air, etc? This broad line of thinking fits into questions of culture as well. To what point can the city’s myriad cultural events and festivals continue to grow? Is there a point where these officiated cultural events cease to enrich and serve only to distract? It is with these rather cynical thoughts in the back of my mind that I approached a recent addition to that most globalised of cultural categories, the inaugural Biennale of Australian Art (BOAA).

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