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126 Futures, Melbourne

Spring1883 Art Fair by Paris Lettau and Audrey Schmidt

12 Aug 2023
Neon Parc, Sarah Scout Presents, Futures, 1301SW, Murray White Room, NAP Contemporary, CAVES, Darren Knight Gallery 10 Aug - 12 Aug 2023

Decorating can be daunting. Luckily, Spring1883’s luxury hotel art fair offers a one-stop shop. It’s now easier than ever to imagine contemporary art on your walls, in your room, and on your toilet.

This handy guide breaks down which galleries will elevate, neutralise, or energise a space with the contemporary touch you didn’t know you needed. After all, there’s no better time than spring to give your real estate portfolio a fresh look!

Neon Parc – The Penthouse

In a tastefully decorated penthouse, the dizzying sky-high views shouldn’t be the only spectacle. Enter Neon Parc, the ultimate urban luxury and the only spot for cool, art-savvy crowds. Comfort zones are passé if you want to show yourself off. (And let’s face it, you do.)

Racking up a line? Add a Bratz by Trevelyan Clay. Dropping a tab? Go for an airbrushed fractal web by Abella D’Adamo. Want to look smart? A Burchill and McCamley should do the trick. Rich? Dale Frank.

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