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Installation view of Gabriella D’Costa, Motion Holders, 2022, resin, stainless steel and thread, Blindside ARI, Melbourne. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Secret World, Wild City

12 Nov 2022
Motion Holders, BLINDSIDE 21 Sep - 8 Oct 2022 World Mediation, TCB art inc. 22 Sep - 9 Oct 2022 Would You (Rat) Her?, Priscillas 1 Oct - 1 Oct 2022

I’m stitching with every step on the footpath, swinging my arms back and forth in rhythmic motion, headphones clasping my head, emanating a forcefield. The headphones use electromagnets as mediators for energy, a permanent magnetic field that attracts and repulses the electrified diaphragms, creating sound waves. It’s important to have a personal forcefield, some kind of imaginary LARP-esque armour of light conjured to keep your path on course and your arrows straight. I would be curious to see the stat report of how many times I’ve stitched the same places, round and round the city in circular motion. When I was a quirked-up teen, I used to carry a pendulum in my pocket, a pointed synthetic moonstone on a long silver chain, to help me decide which routes to take. I found it again the other day and decided to give it a whirl (literally). In order for it to work, I “program” it to perform a circular clockwise motion for an affirmative position. If it holds still, it’s a no. I hold it in the air and ask it whether it’s a good idea to walk into the city. It whirls in agreement, so I proceed.

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