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Forever Transformed

2 Sep 2017
Gertrude Contemporary 28 Jul - 9 Sep 2017

The recent relocation of Gertrude Contemporary from its long-term home in Fitzroy is both cause and effect of Melbourne’s ongoing gentrification. Having occupied 200 Gertrude Street for over three decades, the gallery’s move was forced by the rising costs of remaining in this increasingly “desirable” neighbourhood—a desirability, it is worth noting, that was in part stimulated by the presence of the gallery and studio complex itself. Now occupying a building freshly fitted out by architects Edition Office at 21 High St Preston, Gertrude again finds itself a frontrunner in the real estate vanguard. The gallery’s Preston premises received a write-up in Broadsheet, and the accompanying photographs lovingly detailed the pot-plant-and-plywood industrial elegance of the new studio spaces. The new Gertrude was thereby positioned firmly in the ranks of the trendy bars and eateries that the magazine covers, venues that increasingly populate suburbs like Preston as hipsterdom marches northwards along the 86 line.

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