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Installation view of Archie Moore's Dwelling (Victorian Issue), presented at Gertrude Contemporary, 2022. Photo: Christian Capurro

Dwelling (Victorian Issue)

15 Oct 2022
Gertrude Contemporary 27 Aug - 23 Oct 2022

I am a Wiradjuri guest on the unceded sovereign lands of the Wurundjeri peoples of the Eastern Kulin Nations. This is where I live, work, and am writing from today. I am paying my respects to Elders both past and present. Wurundjeri mob and their forebears have been custodians of this land for millennia. I stand on the land which Aboriginal peoples have performed age-old ceremonies of celebration, initiation and renewal. I acknowledge the living culture and the unique roles in the life of the region. I recognise and respect this cultural heritage, the beliefs and relationship with the land; these continue to be central to the Kulin peoples of both past and today.

Installation view of Archie Moore’s Dwelling (Victorian Issue), presented at Gertrude Contemporary, 2022. Photo: Christian Capurro

Upon entering Gertrude Contemporary, it appears as though the gallery in its entirety has been dedicated to Kamilaroi/Bigambul artist Archie Moore’s solo exhibition, Dwelling (Victorian Issue) (2022). The interior architecture of Gertrude Contemporary, its scuffed floor, exposed skylight, and visible beams, feel like essential aspects of the show. This is in fact the fourth iteration of Dwelling, Moore’s site-specific installation, which has been shown previously at other galleries around the country.

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