Chelsea Hopper
Elizabeth Gower, LOCATIONS

Elizabeth Gower, LOCATIONS

Sutton Gallery & Sutton Projects
1 – 29 February 2020

By Chelsea Hopper

Elizabeth Gower has always had a knack for sourcing material. As a young artist, she once nicked an entire ream of butcher's paper from a fish and chip shop. What began as a failed endeavour as the paper buckled when Gower painted onto it, led her to tear it up, weave the strips of paper and reassemble it as the paper quickly became the work itself instead of the canvas for another work. Gow...

Suyeon Park
Rosslynd Piggott: Gardenia, gardenia and vapour window

Rosslynd Piggott: Gardenia, gardenia and vapour window

Sutton Gallery
3 – 31 August 2019

By Suyeon Park

Have you ever encountered a moment where you are eager for fresh air, a refreshing sight for your exhausted vision so that you can simply isolate yourself from complex reality? A solo exhibition by Rosslynd Piggott, Gardenia, gardenia and vapour window carefully observes the nature of flowers, reinterprets their presence through their colours as vaporized spaces and encapsulates thei...

Giles Fielke
Anne Ferran: White Against Red

Anne Ferran, White Against Red

Sutton Gallery 13 October – 10 November 2018

By Giles Fielke

Six large photographs of the dancer and choreographer Ervi Sirén hang from metal brackets near the ceiling of Sutton gallery. Like banners they are suspended in the bright space of the old C.V. Fashions building in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. They are all the same size and weighted by heavy dowels sewn into the ends of the canvas bolts onto which the images have been printed. Sirén wraps herself in...

Amelia Winata
Tiny Miners: Nicholas Mangan, Termite Economies

Nicholas Mangan, Termite Economies

Sutton Gallery, 4 August 2018 – 1 September 2018

By Amelia Winata

I noticed when researching for this review that Nicholas Mangan was born in Geelong, where I, too, was born. And, presuming that Mangan grew up there, I wonder whether he ever encountered the bizarre CSIRO Animal Health Laboratory that I lived near. Crowned with an enormous tower that, in hindsight, might have been a colossal chimney (perhaps for releasing the smoke and vapour from biologi...

Helen Hughes
Vivienne Binns: It is what it is, what it is

Binns' Grids and Voids

Vivienne Binns: It is what it is, what it is

Sutton Gallery, 17 March – 14 April 2018**

By Helen Hughes

Vivienne Binns seems to have taught—or had some sort of mentor-like relationship with—a whole bunch of artists whose work I like: Charlie Sofo, Liang Luscombe, Trevelyan Clay, Kate Smith and Geoff Newton, to name just a few. If there is amongst some or all of these artists a shared sensibility to do with humour, a cavalier attitude towards painting (or 'fine art...

Francis Plagne
Smallness: Trevelyan Clay & Kate Smith


Trevelyan Clay, Moments Today

Neon Parc, 31 August – 7 October 2017

Kate Smith, An Impression of an impression

Sutton Gallery, 8 September – 7 October 2017

By Francis Plagne

I confess to being a sucker for bad painting. Not, that is, for all painting that fails in whatever way to be good, but for the particular style of offhand, deliberately underwhelming sub-expressionist painting most closely associated with a number of artists from Cologne who rose to prominence in the...

Paris Lettau
Raafat Ishak & Damiano Bertoli: Hebdomeros

Raafat Ishak & Damiano Bertoli, Hebdomeros

Sutton Gallery, 21 April – 20 May 2017

By Paris Lettau

There is an irony to Hebdomeros, and that is that the exhibition teaches us more about the Italian 'metaphysical' painter Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978) than it does about either of its two collaborating Melbourne based artists, Raafat Ishak and Damiano Bertoli.

The modest exhibition, which accompanies Ishak's solo exhibition 1977 (in Sutton Gallery's adjacent room), takes its title fro...