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Stuart Ringholt: Works on Paper

25 Feb 2017
Neon Parc 3 Feb - 11 Mar 2017

It is a real pleasure to see a show of drawings by an artist primarily known, at least in Melbourne, as the guy who installed a nude disco at the Monash University Museum of Art. Stuart Ringholt’s Works on Paper at Neon Parc comprises a suite of twenty drawings that the artist made in 2014. They are intimate works, but are unlike the discomforting intimacy of Ringholt’s more spectacular participatory and performative projects. They are light and exploratory, like a thought that is being formed as it is spoken.

This sense of a process underway is reiterated by the exhibition’s serial format. Each drawing was done in pen on a page excised from the 1989 publication Fifty Years of Perceval Drawings. Ringholt removed the existing John Perceval reproductions, inserted blank sections cut from other pages, and drew directly onto these composite sheets. Acting as a formal counterpoint to the freewheeling drawings, the tidy, serial uniformity of the book pages establishes the exhibition as a tight sequence of variations on a theme.

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