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Unproductive Thinking

20 May 2017
26 Apr - 26 May 2017

I am hesitant to say that I am employed. Although to say I am unemployed is also incorrect. I do not have a job to go to, but I do have four email addresses — 1 personal, 3 professional — and from the moment I wake to the moment I go to sleep my mind is preoccupied with work. The question is, at what level of productivity am I working? I check emails when I get up, go to my studio and write inefficiently while generally procrastinating by means of social media and online shopping, and at night I sit in bed, scrolling Instagram while chastising myself for not reading or watching some foreign film that will improve my neural paths. On top of all this, my days also revolve around applying for jobs, jobs that will invariably take me away from my writing, the work that is really my ‘profession’. I am working to work: a tautology, if you like.

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