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Eden Menta and Janelle Low, *Eden And The Gorge*, 2019, inkjet print, 50 x 40 cm. Edition of 5 + AP


20 Jul 2019
Arts Project Australia 15 Jun - 20 Jul 2019

The identification of common ground is essential for any group project, whether political, artistic, or both. Affinity is a baseline necessity for artistic collaboration and is also typically the primary product of group exhibitions, something that curators create or reveal.

FEM-aFFINITY at Arts Project Australia, curated by Catherine Bell, brings together the work of female artists with and without disability to explore affinities in their art. The show closes today at Arts Project’s Northcote gallery to embark on a tour of regional galleries around Victoria. Pairing seven Arts Project studio artists with seven artists from wider Victoria, FEM-aFFINITY offers a range of ways that artists’ work can be seen to be related: from collaborative artmaking to formal resemblance made evident through curatorial juxtaposition. While waving the banner of intersectional feminism, the exhibition resurrects a number of the themes and strategies deployed by feminists in the 1970s and achieves similarly mixed results.

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