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Archie Moore, kith and kin 2024. Curated by Ellie Buttrose. Australia Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2024. Project team: Adrian Collette am, Diego Carpentiero, Gillian Mercer, Mikala Tai, Niwa Mburuja, Tahjee Moar, Tahmina Maskinyar, with the support from the wider Creative Australia team. Photographer: Andrea Rossetti, © the artist. Image courtesy of the artist and The Commercial.

Archie Moore, kith and kin

11 May 2024
Venice Biennale 20 Apr - 4 Nov 2024

On a balmy Sydney evening, I board the EK413 9:10 pm flight to Venice (with a stopover in Dubai). After walking past the friendly Emirates hosts, impeccably dressed in beige suits and lush, red velvet hats, I eventually find my seat, 64J. Out of the seven hundred passengers on board this Covid-19 cesspit, the art gods have determined that I will sit next to the renowned curator Djon Mundine—a long-term confidante of Archie Moore and advisor for kith and kin at the Australian pavilion. I only know Mundine by reputation. But he is unmissable in 64H, where he sits with his crown of epic dreadlocks.

Before taking my seat, I spot my colleague José Da Silva, Director of UNSW Galleries, a few rows behind me. He walks over, asks Mundine and me if we know each other, and then enthusiastically introduces us. As I secure my seat belt, Mundine mumbles, “I hear you’re a critic. I better watch myself: this will be deemed either a very good or very bad flight.”

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